The first Conference on Greek Fish Farming is the beginning of a concerted effort to establish a systematic process for the exchange of positions, views and experience, with the participation of senior State and Government officials, institutional players, Greek and foreign companies, as representatives of Academic and Research bodies.

Economic reform and the restructuring of the large companies in the sector over the past three years, the investment capital attracted and the know-how developed, all constitute suitable conditions for Greece to become a key player in the growth of Mediterranean fish farming once again. The conference has demonstrated the will and desire of the industry to play a vital role in the collective effort required in order to achieve significant benefits, not only for fish farming, but for the national economy overall.

The joint organization of fishery and aquaculture product markets through the operation of HAPO sets up the challenges of the future, aiming at further growth of the sector, with estimated exports of € 1 billion over time, while more than 4,000 new jobs are expected to be created throughout Greek territory.

The success of the conference, combined with the prestige of the speakers, chief among which was H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic, and the presence of important representatives of the state and the EU, provided the necessary gravitas for the establishment of an institution.

The establishment of this institution, in turn, lays the foundations for development of a systematic dialogue and for a platform for communication between all parties involved, not just in Greece, but in the entire Mediterranean basin, to say the least.

To this end, the aim is to organize a new conference in 2020, so as to expound on important sectoral issues and establish Greece as a centre for the development of Mediterranean fish farming.