Aquaculture Congress

The Congress “Greek Aquaculture as a Key Pillar for the Development of the National Economy” is co-organized by the University of Thessaly, AMBIO SA and DOME Consulting, on June 22 and 23, 2018, at the Domotel Kastri Hotel, Nea Eritrea, with the support of ELOPY.

Among the participants will be leading State, Government and Public officials, industry institutions, Greek and foreign companies as well as representatives from the academic and researching community.

The aim of the Congress is to establish a systematic exchange of views, opinions and experiences in order to attempt a meaningful approach to important industry issues, such as:

• What are the challenges and the perspectives against the milestone of 2020?
• How should the institutional framework for aquaculture be developed?
• Why aquaculture can become a key driver of the growth regarding the Greek economy?
• What is the relationship between productive activity and the environment?
• What are the technological developments and innovative solutions for the industry?
• What are the developments in nutrition and genetics in the aquaculture sector?

All Congress participants will be able to intervene and co-shape positions and goals. Specific conclusions will be drawn, proposals will be tabled and the potential of the industry in the public sector will be created, in order to enhance its promotions, demands and overall position.

At the same time, a common venue and space for business, technological and scientific contacts and meetings will be created during the two-day Congress. The event has been ensured wide publicity as well as special promotional material for the promotion of its work, both before and after its launch, both in the industry and financial press, as well as in the general media (newspapers, radio, TV and the Internet).